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NDFA Spring Flag Registration opens on February 15th!! Get Your teams Ready!!

Congratulations NDFA 2015 U12 Flag Division Champions - back to back Champs!

Congratulations to the U12 Longhorns on their 2015 Provincial title for back to back Championships!

Your kid may never handle the ball...and It't OK!

f you come from other ball/puck based, and goal oriented sports, you’re probably used to the fact that at some point your child will touch the basketb...

Equal playing time is a myth...and It's OK!

I know that statement may seem cold and cruel in today’s “fun first” world of youth sports, but it’s also the truth, so put away those stopwatches and...

Things that look bad but aren't...and It's OK!

Things that look bad, that aren’t – and it’s OK!Passing judgment on others is almost a cottage industry in the world of minor sports. Apparently most...

You can't rotate positions and it's OK!

“My kid would like to try quarterback this week.” Nothing can send shivers up the spine of a minor football coach more than hearing that from t...

Someone is Going to hit my kid and it's OK!

Really! – It’s OK.“I can’t believe they could do that to my child,”

It’s a popular refrain from some parents who call us up with concerns over tackling and hitting in a normal game. It’s true, to someone who has raised their kids to not hit others, the actions at a minor football game can come as quite a shock. And it can be worse if they watch a practice where certain “pit” drills are designed to accentuate contact, but it’s OK.

The equipment that the players wear, is probably the best protective equipment in sports. We put a lot of time and effort not only into maintaining this equipment, but also making sure it fits your child for both comfort and safety. In addition to this, a great deal of time is spent by the coaches in practice on not only how to give, but also receive a hit properly and safely.

Football does have it’s fair share of injuries, but not any more than most other popular sports such as hockey, soccer, skiing, basketball, etc. We wouldn’t offer this sport to kids if it was a true hazard to their health and we have over 100 years of history to back that up.
Posted on January 12, 2015

NDFA is looking for Parent Volunteers who would like to Coach or Assist in Spring Flag.  Contact for more information.

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