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Spring Flag Skills Day and Free Lunch

Spring Flag Skills Day and Free Lunch, March 1st, 10:30am to 12:00 at John Oliver Park North Delta

Welcome Rob Trent and Thank you Cory Philpot

NDFA would like to thank Corey Philpot for his years of service volunteering on the board for North Delta Football. As some of you may already know as...

Your kid may never handle the ball...and It't OK!

f you come from other ball/puck based, and goal oriented sports, you’re probably used to the fact that at some point your child will touch the basketb...

Equal playing time is a myth...and It's OK!

I know that statement may seem cold and cruel in today’s “fun first” world of youth sports, but it’s also the truth, so put away those stopwatches and...

Things that look bad but aren't...and It's OK!

Things that look bad, that aren’t – and it’s OK!Passing judgment on others is almost a cottage industry in the world of minor sports. Apparently most...

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